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Getting Mermaid Hair with Glamour Bar Denver

All of my life, I have dreamed of having long luscious locks. You know the thick, voluptuous hair Topanga had on Boy Meets World? The type of pony-tail that looked so perfect and full, even when it was tied up in a cute 90's scrunchie and still reaching down her back?! That hair.

I have always had super thick and frizzy hair (thanks, Mom!) but never any real noticeable length. To be honest, I didn't even start taking real care of my hair until I was in college. I still beat myself up over the fact that I used to straighten my hair without any heat protectant every. single. day. for my entire junior high career - which probably has something to do with the fact that my hair stops growing any time it reaches a tad past my shoulders (if it even gets that far). I've had my hair colored a handful of times too - which isn't great for the health of your hair either, as you probably know. By the time I 'grow' it out, it just looks so damaged that I end up going back to the salon to get all my dead ends chopped off, and starting all over again.

Brian and I are having our engagement shoot coming up this month and after meeting and chatting with Lyndsay of Glamour Bar during our podcast interview, she helped me convince myself (and by that, I mean I asked if they do extensions at GB and she said, yes! LOL) that it was the perfect time to do something about this hair I had been dreaming about for years. I've always heard about extensions and I have used clip-ins from time to time but I was ready to think about something a little more permanent/longer lasting. With previous clip in extensions, I've noticed they just tend to get annoying after wearing for only a couple of hours. For me, clip-ins are also so messy and tend to tangle with my real hair and I end up just taking them out.

I made a consultation with Quinlyn at Glamour Bar and we talked about a plan for my new hair. Fast forward to the appointment, Quinlyn matched the extensions to my natural hair color perfectly, got the hair ordered and we set my install appointment. At the install, I was so impressed. First of all, I have to mention that the salon is SO cute. They have an instagram-worthy entrance with a hot pink flower wall and immediately offer you glass of champagne, wine or water (not sure who would choose water over alcohol but it's not me). All of the stylists and staff are so bubbly and friendly and just make you feel like a million bucks. At the install appointment, I was expecting the process to take hours, but Quinlyn seriously sewed a full pack of hair (2 rows worth of 2 wefts of 22 inch real human hair) onto my natural hair in mayyybe 30 minutes. It was that easy! Just like that! Now, I have the length I have always wished for and I am beyond thrilled. Having long hair makes me feel so feminine and girly, I just love it. I am so excited to try different braid styles and things I just couldn't do with shoulder length hair.

For the first couple of days, my head was a little sore, which is to be expected. It's similar to the feeling of wearing a tight pony-tail for a little too long but it goes away. They are easy to brush and super blendable with my natural hair. I have not washed my hair yet but I will be sure to give an update when that happens! The best part about these extensions are the fact that they can last up to a year as long as you take proper care of them.


1. Brushing the hair: with sew-in extensions, you'll want to support the weft as you gently brush your hair with a wet brush. This will help the extensions stay put and also will help with breakage and damage.

2. Use a detangler serum: Quinlyn sent me home with UNITE 7Seconds Leave-In Detangler that she used on my hair at the salon. It works wonders with adding moisture and detangling/blending the extensions with my natural hair - plus, it smells great!

3. Get a silk pillowcase: Justin, another fab GB stylist, and I literally ordered this silk pillowcase from Amazon while I was finishing my hair appointment. I already received it (what would we do without Amazon?!) and am loving the results. I really see a difference in just a couple nights worth of sleeping on this thing!



Are YOU wanting to become a mermaid, too? I am so excited to be partnering with Glamour Bar to offer anyone who is wants to transform their hair $75 OFF GB's hair + install package! This is an amazing deal. Contact Glamour Bar, mention Jenna Mariah sent you, grab a glass of bubbly and sit back and relax - you're about to get the hair you've always dreamed about! Don't forget to tag me when you get your new mermaid locks <3


Jenna Mariah

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